SDC's experienced Structural Engineers provide Forensic Engineering expertise in the delivery of Independent assessment of the cause of Structural Failure over a broad spectrum of applications and sectors. Our experience ranges from Investigating the failure of Residential structures such as major cracking, sloping of floors, flooding and undermining of foundations to Investigating Failure in Industrial and Commercial structures such as Structural Integrity following collision or determining the cause of the failure and collapse of a facility.

SDC Engineers can be called upon for independent expert advice in legal proceedings. We are able to provide fully independent and comprehensive Forensic Reports as well as expert representation during legal proceedings.

We conduct a fully independent assessment, gathering and evaluating all previous history and technical data, conducting all required structural calculations and analysis against relevant Australian Standards and Codes and provide a comprehensive report including rectification recommendations if required.

Often our clients require verification of Design. SDC can provide Proof Engineering, where we perform independent checks of design calculations which usually involve structural analysis and checks against current Australian Design Standards and Building Codes. We can provide guidance on the design of structures and products. Our advice is based on expert knowledge combined with structural computations and computer modelling.

Some of our Forensic and Expert Witness Services include;

  • Structural Failure Investigations
  • Structural Integrity assessments
  • Proof Engineering
  • V.C.A.T reports
  • Storm, flooding and fire damage assessments
  • Footing probes
  • Underpinning design
  • Remedial recommendations
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Quality inspections
  • Expert witness services
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